Venetian Chimney Coverings Ideas!

Let us help you get inspired for your chimney decorations. The options are endless, but we have created a small list for you below.

Venetian Chimney Coverings Ideas!

Venetian Chimney Coverings


In light of the festive spirit and the holiday season we would like to take our time to showcase all the great way in which s our Venetian plaster could contribute to creating a beautifully cozy home decor. As we do have large selection of finishes it can be hard to make a choice. Below we have curated some of our personal favourite chimney finishes to inspire your ideas. 


One of our most popular finishes is Cadoro. Cadoro is a great option. It is subtle, yet elegant.  Cadoro shadows create different tones depending on the lighting and angle. It's light shimmery effect is beautiful and adds a touch of luxury on an otherwise ordinary looking surface. 


Additionally, Cadoro can have combined colours. The patches of colours can be customised to be as big or small as the client desires. This works great for creating stand-out feature walls such as the one pictured below.  


Differentiating itself from Cadoro we have Marmorino Classico. Marmorino Classico is one of our  most versatile products. It’s nature is matt with rough textured patterns. The texture can be created to have stone-like shapes or vertical and horizontal lines seen as pictured on the chimney here. 



Another great technique that can be added to Marmorino Classico can be combined with Cadoro. The texture created by this combination is absolutely stunning. 



Another great textured plaster that we offer is Concrete Art. Concrete Art is a great option for someone looking for a natural stone-like finish. It’s concrete effect consists of ripples that can be  customised by the client. The ripples can be spread out far and few in between the plasters or completely covered. 



The result is a stunning finish which would be excellent for clients looking to maintain a minimalistic look throughout their interior.  



Lastly, we have Fenice. Fenice offers a very smooth glass-like finish. It’s incredibly soft to touch and it’s smooth nature at times even reflects similarly to a mirror. The colour options for Fenice are  also endless. 



Fenice would make a great option for customers who want to emulate the look of natural stone surfaces such as marble and granite. Additionally, it would be great for clients who want a ‘bit more’ than regular paint, but do not wish to make a ‘loud’ statement with their chimney boards. 



We hope that our chimney's have given you some great inspiration for your own. Our products are very versatile and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for any bespoke ideas. Nothing is too crazy for us. 

The Uniart team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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