Questions about Microcement?

Below we have answered some commonly asked questions regarding our micro-cement product and installation!

Questions about Microcement?

Commonly asked questions about our Micro-cement product!

Micro-cement is gaining in popularity, however most people are not as familiar with the product just yet. Below we addressed some of our most asked questions which hopefully will prove helpful to some !

  • Can it be decorated over existing tiles?

Generally, yes! When the tiles are still in place correctly (not loose, missing etc.) we are able to decorate straight over them.


  • What maintenance is required?

None! Unlike other natural materials such as marble, granite etc. there is no need for non-abrasive cleaning materials, regular re-sealing of the surface or avoiding certain substances.



  • Can it be decorated within the shower room as well?

Yes! Our micro-cement product is completely waterproof and suitable to be applied within shower areas.



  • Is it suitable for underfloor heating?

Yes, our micro-cement is completely suitable for underfloor heating.



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